Top Tips for Better Skincare
12 November 2022 By Lex Off

Top Tips for Better Skincare

Top Tips for Better Skincare: The first step in building the best possible routine for your skin is to determine what your skin needs. The perfect skincare routine is one that focuses on the long-term health of your skin, that works to balance the function of your skin and regulates it so that it errs towards neither oily nor dry.

What skincare products do you need?

The needs of anyone’s skin will differ, but these are basic products that everyone can benefit from using daily:

Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, you could also benefit from using the following products daily:

  • Makeup remover/oil cleanser (for evening use if you wear makeup daily)
  • Toner (if your skin is particularly oily, either all over or in specific areas)
  • Eye cream (non-negotiable for those with mature skin, but start early as a preventative ageing treatment)
  • Spot/blemish treatment (great to have on hand if you are prone to breakouts)

For use twice weekly, most skin types can also benefit from the following products:

In what order should you apply skincare products?

Apply your products from the thinnest, most fluid consistency through to the thickest.

Cleansing and removing your makeup should always come first, as your skin needs to be clean in order to absorb the products that follow.

Before you move to each next step, ensure your skin has time to absorb all the benefits! 

This is the order in which you should work through your new daily skincare routine.


  • Cleanse
  • Toner
  • Apply serum or oil
  • Apply eye cream
  • Moisturise
  • Apply sun protection
  • Makeup


  • Remove makeup