VIP Loyalty Rewards Club

Rewards Points:

As a valued customer and VIP Club Member you will earn Rewards Points every time you make a purchase online. For every $1.00 you spend you will earn 1 rewards Point. (Spend $100 = 100 points)

You can also grow your points by:

  • Earn 10 points simply by referring a friend (Get your link by logging into your account)
  • Earn 10 points by liking our Facebook page
  • Earn 10 points with a Product Review
  • Earn 10 points with a Google Review

Customers who login are automatically enrolled in our VIP Loyalty Club. 

  • Earn   500  points to receive a $15.00 Discount Voucher
  • Earn   750  points to receive a $25.00 Discount Voucher
  • Earn 1,000 points to receive a $50.00 Discount Voucher

How do I check my Loyalty Rewards balance?

Login to your online account, then click on your Loyalty Rewards button located under your account. 

Loyality Rewards Terms And Conditions:

  • You must have a valid and unique email address to join our VIP Loyalty Club
  • Rewards Points are given to a VIP Club Member based on the product total value (which includes GST).
  • At our discretion, BHW may update a member account with Rewards Points as part of an incentive or product promotion.
  • BHW reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or vary our Loyalty Rewards system without notice and at any time.
  • Loyalty Rewards cannot be sold, transferred or assigned and are not redeemable for cash. 
  • If a purchase is refunded, your Rewards Points from the purchase will be deducted.

Join our VIP Club Now and start earning!