Eye of Horus The Story behind the Brand
23 April 2022 By Lex Off

Eye Of Horus: Behind the Brand

Eye Of Horus: Behind the Brand: A Luxury, Cruelty-free, Australian beauty brand, Thoughtfully designed in Byron Bay. Premium Cosmetics that are Clean, Conscious and Considered. Alongside Ingredient Integrity we harness ancient beauty rituals and sacred Ingredients to create. Effective, Award-winning Formulations that Enhance your natural beauty. 

OUR STORY – We look to the past to inspire our future

After a background in Developing organic Australian Skincare for sensitive skin. Holly made the Transition into Cosmetics with the intention of offering Thoughtfully created products.

At the time, there was little in the way of premium, high performance beauty that honoured skin health. As well as the longevity of our planet. So she commenced a journey to develop a luxury beauty brand with purpose. It started with a single Mascara designed for sensitive eyes, utlising sacred oils and waxes that drew on ancient wisdom. Holly’s intention was to pair back the unnecessary and often harmful ingredients. And focus on creating a clean, functional product that didn’t irritate or cause harm. 

“Our approach to product formulation echoes our core values of slow ethical beauty, sustainability and functionality.” – Holly.

Ancient Egyptians the originators of holistic beauty and rituals, inspired the name Eye of Horus.. They would line their eyes with black eyeliner for beauty and spiritual protection.  

Harnessing revered ingredients like Moringa, Hemp, Abyssinian and Pomegranate Oil, all with deep roots of regeneration in ancient Middle Eastern history, we take inspiration from the past to cultivate timeless, innovative and essential beauty.

Eye of Horus is a pioneer in clean beauty built by a collaborative, inspired team, all of whom share a love for all that is organic, ethical and beautiful. 

Our intention is to empower you to focus on mindful beauty as a ritual and luxury for both mind and body.” – Holly.

OUR PURPOSE – Empower with beauty, confidence & purpose

We offer premium, uncompromising beauty by harnessing nature’s wisdom and sacred ingredients that are kind to people and our planet. With sustainability at our heart, we are working towards environmental solutions across our Earth-friendly packaging. We prioritise the use of high quality, sustainable and fair-trade ingredients. Working towards circularity, we aim to close the loop in production.

More than a brand, we are a movement that encourages authentic expression of self. We strive to create an inclusive community that elevates one another and advocates for positive change. We support those in need, both locally and globally. Eye of Horus is a vehicle for change, aiming to provide a collective awareness for those who are traditionally forgotten in widespread media. We fight for the wellbeing and rights of all people, believing that all are equal and deserving of abundance. We support charities that are dedicated to making a positive future for all. 

OUR COMMITMENT – Better Beauty 

Eye of Horus represents beauty, freedom, and consideration for people and our planet. It is our duty to ethically source only the finest, organic ingredients wherever possible. The entire offering at Eye of Horus is cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free and harsh chemical free, setting the agenda for the beauty industry at large. 

 We work towards environmental solutions across our Earth-friendly packaging and prioritise the use of sustainable and quality ingredients. We honour the tradition of craftsmanship and endeavour to create locally made, small batch products where possible to minimise environmental impact, while supporting local artisans, and resulting in the highest quality standards. 

There is a different way of being and doing, and Eye of Horus is leading the way to an artisanal, ethical, Earth-friendly future.   

OUR PRODUCTS – Clean, conscious & considered 

“Innovative beauty is central to the thought process from concept to delivery. It means that the way we develop our products is truly unique and it’s what sets us apart. We embrace change and growth, and are constantly looking at ways to heighten the performance of our products, allowing you to wear makeup that has high impact, staying power, superior coverage, and effortless glow, while always remaining true to our core values of sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship.” ~ Holly. 

Our multi award-winning, universal products place high performance first, alongside ingredient integrity. We balance the finest, organic, plant powered Ingredients to produce a product that is Unparalleled. Our unique and creative approach is to craft an alchemy of Botanicals. Oils and sacred ingredients that enhance your natural beauty and bring your inner essence to life. 

 All formulations are infused with sacred waxes and oils. A respect for ancient alchemy drives our passion and love of healing oils. Moringa oil is elemental in every Eye of Horus product, containing several bioactive compounds which have anti oxidant and anti  inflammatory properties. Our products celebrate and utilise sacred healing oils as described in ancient manuscripts. They include Abyssinnian, Pomegranate, Marula, Hemp, Baobab and Nigella Seed. 

OUR HEART – Beauty With Purpose

Eye Of Horus Behind the Brand, we are a movement and our mission extends far beyond beauty. We are invested in the liberation and independence of women and children, the care of our environment and those that inhabit it. 

“I’ve always had a deep desire for Eye of Horus to be a vehicle for change. As a mother and businesswoman, I’m committed to life changing projects that support women, children and the precious earth that we share” – Holly.

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