10 tanning Tips
4 April 2021 By Lex Off

10 Tanning Tips For A Selfie

10 tanning tips for a selfie-ready tan: Interested trying a self tanner but don’t know where to begin? Follow these 10 Tips to help give you the selfie-ready tan.

1. Shave a Day Before

Nothing should come between you and your tan! Shaving up to 24 hours before applying your favorite b.tan product ensures that the tanning mousse will effectively and evenly coat your skin.

2. Exfoliate Beforehand

Nobody has time for an uneven tan. Scrub away any dry and scaly skin (especially the knees and elbows!) to allow your skin to evenly absorb your favorite tanner and give you the best and darkest tan possible!

3. Cold Shower Beforehand

Now you’re all exfoliated and shaved, I bet you’re ready to jump out of the shower, but WAIT! Do one last quick little rinse in cool water. This will tighten up your pores for an even tan and help prevent any clogged pores. 

4. Dry Off Completely

Before you self tan, it’s important to make sure you are 100% completely dry. Any bit of moisture left on your skin from your shower can cause a streaky application process.

5. Apply Foam Evenly On Mitt

Your b.tan mitt is your best friend. Disperse your favorite b.tan mousse onto your mitt before gently rubbing the mousse onto your skin all over!

6. Start From The Bottom

Our first instinct may be to rub that foamy tanning goodness onto our arms but it’s actually best to start from the bottom. This will help prevent you from getting any weird crease marks from bending over to do your legs last.

7. Last But Not Least

Some of the most difficult parts to tan are your face, hands, feet, and knees, but fear not! Tackle those difficult body parts, towards the end. Since your mitt has already been foamed up and hard at work on the rest of you, you won’t need to use as much product when applying to those areas. It’s a win-win!

8. Quick Rinse

When it comes time to rinse off your favorite b.tan mousse, make it quick! We recommend rinsing off for 45 seconds in lukewarm water – no soap! If your shower is too hot or too cold, it will make for streaky results. Make sure to avoid any exfoliants too, it will take your fresh tan straight off.

9. Moisturise

No one likes dry skin, especially when it can ruin your new tan! Keeping your skin moisturized can prevent your tan from fading unevenly. If you use a gradual tanning moisturizer, this will keep your skin hydrated as well as topping your color each day. To help maintain your fresh glow, 

10. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is always important for your skin, but it’ll also help your skin stay moisturized and help maintain your self tan glow. 

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