Katherine-Daniels Beautiful but smart Skincare
6 June 2020 By Lex Off

Katherine Daniels Skincare

Katherine Daniels is a beautiful British skincare concept that has been developed by two skincare professionals, Kirsti Shuba and Donna Tait, who together have over 60 years beauty industry experience between them, as beauty therapists. Their salon quality home care brand has been developed to treat the main skin conditions and concerns that we see everyday.

Everybody’s skin type is defined by more than just genetics and that lifestyle. Environment and climate all play a part in how our skin looks and feels and is often linked to confidence levels too. 

Our skin can be affected by today’s world with busy lifestyles, juggling work and family commitments, stress, pollution, cold winds and heat all have a massive effect and then there’s the inevitable… The ageing process! 

Katherine Daniels have created treatment protocols which combine 5 star luxurious experiences with visible results even after the very first time you use them! They have also created a collection of home-care products for use at home. Katherine Daniels promises you a better skin for life.

Katherine Daniels use colour coding and step by step numbering systems for ease of use and understanding. Product names, do what the name suggests they will, they don’t blind you with science. Simplicity and elegance on the outside with the best that science and nature has to offer on the inside!

Katherine Daniels embraces all the senses, luxury for you, simple to use and master, natural products that are based on scientific research and technology. 

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