Mavex Foot Intensive Care Cream 100ml


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Mavex Foot Intensive Care Cream 100ml: All the extraordinary strength of nature and the mountains contained in an infinitely delicate treatment that does more than treat and protect, but also gives you a profound sensorial emotion.


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Mavex Foot Intensive Care Cream 100ml: All the extraordinary strength of nature and the mountains contained in an infinitely delicate treatment that does more than treat and protect, but also gives you a profound sensorial emotion. Intense and specific protective action on blood vessels, anti-fatigue and bacteriostatic. Helps stimulate circulation and reactivate cellular metabolism.


A veritable cure-all for the feet and ankles and for tired, swollen legs. Your skin will regain its natural elasticity and softness, giving you a wonderful sensation of freshness, lightness and profound well-being.
With an intense and aromatic fragrance of Alpine Mallow, this cream is both a concentrate of pure well-being and an extraordinary beauty treatment for your feet. In a single gesture, it softens and perfumes, leaving your skin perfectly smooth and luminous. Silky, involving texture that penetrates perfectly and is not greasy. For better results, do not use pumice or rasps at home.

Active Ingredients:

Has intense anti-infl ammatory and antiseptic properties and a remarkable soothing action on sensitive and irritated skins. Perfumes the skin and prevents excessive perspiration.

Strengthens the connective tissue and improves the resistance, elasticity and tone of the blood vessels. Reduces legs’ tendency to swell and soothes the feeling of heaviness, efficiently improving blood circulation..

Spruce Fir
Spruce Fir essential Oil has balsamic resins with significant anti-infl ammatory, antiseptic and deodorant properties. Gives an immediate sensation of freshness on the skin, attenuating fatigue and muscle tension. It is particularly indicated to treat chapped skin, fissures on the heels and swollen feet, as the phytoncides contained in its needles have extraordinary antibacterial properties that fight unpleasant smells and excessive perspiration. With its purifying and refreshing effect, it stimulates circulation and reactivates cellular metabolism, leaving your skin soft and revitalised.

About Mavex Switzerland:

Katia Palagano and Emanuele Avai, who with over 30 years of experience in the world of professional cosmetics, in 2009 anticipating the need for increasingly natural and environmentally friendly cosmetic products founded Mavex SA in Lamone, Switzerland. The adventure began with a refined foot spa treatment with Alpine Herbs and Salt Crystals from the Swiss Alps, which immediately opened the doors of the best spas around the world to the Mavex Switzerland brand.  

After a short time followed the launch of a real technological innovation that revolutionized the world of professional pedicure: the CALLUSPEELING treatment, which, despite countless attempts of copying it, after more than 10 years of undisputed success remains the uncontested leader in the world. Strong of the success obtained with the first products and understood that the need for naturalness associated with high performance and high-end products was the right way, new professional lines were developed, face and body. 

Highly effective professional products and treatments able to give high level results, true sensory emotions designed for the most demanding customers. In the wake of an undisputed success, in a few years the brand has grown exponentially. Mavex products are used today by beauty centers and spas of the best hotels around the world, a clear sign of the undisputed success of a strong and innovative brand that has been able to stand out above all for quality and innovation, and the numerous awards and recognitions received internationally are proof of this.

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