Medik8 mens the essential csa kit
29 April 2019 By Lex Off

NEW Anti-Ageing Skincare for MEN

NEW From the Pioneers in Anti-Ageing Skincare MEDIK8 FOR MEN

In general, men love doing research before investing in new stuff. Whether that’s the latest headphones, quietest lawnmower or the swankiest hotel; they want to find out the actual facts about something before buying. Nothing revolutionary here.

But hang on, why not do the same for skin? As absolutely tons of men now know, there is a raft of real science available in the latest skincare. It’s tech for your skin. That’s exactly why when Medik8 made their For Men range, they changed absolutely nothing from the current lineup, except giving their existing formulas a sleek black pack. If it helps more men get into serious skincare, Medik8 says ‘the more the merrier’.

Medik8 has carefully curated 3 ‘For Men’ CSA Philosophy Kits. Choosing both compatible and popular formulas at different strength levels and formats from their vitamin C, sunscreen and vitamin A lines to ensure the very best at home skincare experience; no matter your level of expertise or sensitivity.

Medik8 For Men CSA Philosophy Kit Discovery Edition
Embodying the Medik8 Philosophy to achieve ‘Beautiful Skin for Life’, the Medik8 for Men CSA Philosophy Kit Discovery Edition contains everything you need to start following the CSA Philosophy in 3 deluxe miniature sizes. Perfect to throw in your gym bag or for those constantly travelling.

Medik8 For Men CSA Philosophy Kit Essential Edition
Begin your journey to a youthful future with The Essential CSA Kit. Curated to contain everything needed to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion. Lines and wrinkles are visibly diminished, skin is left soft and supple with radiance restored. Beautiful Skin for Life has never been so simple. 2 full-size creams and a travel cleanser and you’re done. For the minimalists.

Medik8 For Men CSA Philosophy Kit
Containing Medik8’s best-selling, medium strength serums, this kit is a great way to embark on their anti-ageing philosophy and see visible results. Start here to help visibly restore, beautifully revitalise and prepare skin, so you can later move to higher strength serums. For those looking at upping their serious skincare game.

Men’s skin is different. But here’s why it doesn’t matter….

Skin is skin. No matter how you identify. That’s why the secret to younger-looking, truly great skin is the same for all of us: vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. This easy-to-follow CSA Philosophy contains everything you need to visibly reduce premature skin-ageing as well as future-proofing skin over time. That’s why when Medik8 made For Men, they controversially changed absolutely nothing…


“As a guy starting my career in skincare, I was always disappointed how poorly men were catered for within the industry – although of course, as the main consumers, it’s no surprise that women drove the technology. Now that more men are getting serious about skin health and ageing, we feel they deserve the best and not some watered-down version. To me, CSA is the foundation to great skin health for everyone. Men, women, everyone. Welcome to the Medik8 family. Welcome to Beautiful Skin for Life.” Elliot Isaacs, founder Medik8.

Vitamin C: As one of the most well proven antioxidants in skincare, vitamin C fights a wide range of free radicals to help prevent fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and uneven pigmentation. At the same time, the powerful vitamin visibly plumps and firms the complexion while amplifying luminosity.

Sunscreen: 80% of skin ageing is caused by sun exposure. UVB rays target the upper layers of the skin, causing sunburn; while UVA rays penetrate deeper, damaging collagen and creating harmful free radicals that cause premature skin ageing. That’s why any anti-ageing skincare routine should always include at least a broad spectrum SPF 30 application every day. Even if it’s cloudy. Our sunscreens are formulated so they aren’t sticky and don’t leave a white residue on the beard area.

Vitamin A: As the Experts in Vitamin A, we understand its exceptional importance to skin. This powerful molecule doesn’t just help resurface. It also helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reduces blemishes and promotes a brighter, more even-toned complexion.


In 2009 Medik8 invented the CSA Philosophy.

Incredibly simple and grounded in science – it just works. This CSA method is becoming more and more mainstream by the day and we couldn’t be happier. Just use a vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. That’s it.

If you look after your skin and follow our simple advice, we believe you can look 40 when you’re 50.